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10 NEW Airbnb Online Experiences: Learn, Cook, Draw, and Explore

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Lockdown doesn't have to be boring.

Here are 10 great AirBnb Online Experiences to enjoy alone or as a group. Grab some friends and go on a tour of Pompeii, or have a date night learning to dance the Tango! All of these hand-selected experiences will help you plan your future travels. 

Disclaimer: As an Airbnb Associate, I earn when you book through these links. I am not sponsored by any of the following users, nor do I take credit or blame for anything that they may post on their personal channels.

Man in sombrero at left and ancient artifacts

Take a deep dive into indigenous Pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico with an anthropologist. This is a visual tour combining history, art, architecture, and culture. Some of the topics covered are the origins of the Olmecs, the invention of calendars, and how the native peoples lived in the area. 

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Two people dancing the tango

Learn to express yourself through dance with professional tango dancers from Buenos Aires. No previous dance experience is necessary, although you will want to book this experience with a partner. 

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Man dressed as a medieval plague doctor walking through Prague

This one is especially fitting for the days of Covid. If you have a love of macabre humor, check out this walking tour through Prague led by a plague doctor. Grab some friends and have a watch party as your personal guide takes you through the Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter, and more. 

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Two women serving pasta

Five Italian grandmothers and their granddaughters will show you how to make a traditional Italian pasta dish. There is a new pasta dish from a different region of Italy each day of the week, so book your experience during your favorite!  You can even request a gluten free version! Grab your apron and get in the kitchen, pronto. 

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People holding up pencils to camera

Grab your pencils and pens for a fun art workshop based out of Lisbon. Pick your beverage of choice and follow along with games and drawing exercises. There is no experience necessary, and the hosts believe that anyone with a pencil can draw!   

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Man smiling and holding a black and white dog

Learn about an Irish Village, History, Culture & Craic

There is an adorable dog with nose freckles, what more do you need to know? Join the host and his perfect little companion for 360 degree views of an Irish village as he delves into history, myth, and local culture. 

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Woman in red beret with laptop

Sit down at your in-home cafe, grab a fresh baguette and chat with a local. If you want to experience what a day is like for a true Parisian, hop on a Zoom call for this experience. There is a kid and school-friendly version as well, so it can be fun for the entire family!

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Man holding up document with Japanese kanji

Visit Japanese ramen shops, sushi restaurants, and even convenience stores! Check out the Japanese transportation system. Learn about Buddhist and Shinto temples, and the beauty of the outdoors in Tokyo. 

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Man talking with laptop in front of him

Pompeii is one of my favorite places on earth. As a trained Classical archaeologist, getting to Pompeii is like a sacred pilgrimage. Learn about the history of Pompeii and explore the exquisite ruins with an Italian archaeologist. Just be warned, once you learn about Pompeii, you’re going to LOVE it! 

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Man with hands up in front of pink background

Jaipur is a bustling city filled with dazzling architecture and a deep, unique history. Join the guide as he takes you through important monuments, people, and history of an Indian gem. 

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