About me

Megan dressed as Captain America saluting

Hi, I'm Megan!

I’m an American travel blogger focusing on the art, culture, and history of places around the world. I began to travel with a study abroad trip to Europe in 2006, and I was immediately hooked. In the intervening years, I began traveling a little more as money and time allowed. School put a dent in my finances and sanity, but I was still able to graduate with a dual BA in History and Art History in 2007, and then with a third BA in Archaeology in 2013. I completed grad school with an MA in Classical Archaeology in 2015. 

Megan posing in front of a glacier

My passions for travel, art, and history meet here.​

The Curated Passport was created to combine my passions for travel, art, and history. With this blog I hope to share the way I see travel and the knowledge that can be gained from it. I try to make sure that my travel is as sustainable and ethical as possible. Museums and cultural sites are my favorite part of travelling anywhere, and I cannot wait to see the artwork, textiles, architecture, and history of each locale.

I often travel solo, but sometimes my incredible partner of five years joins me. I have two wonderful dogs that are like children to me.

As a white American, I realize that my view of other cultures, ethnicities, and lifestyles is seen through a very particular lens. I aim to be appreciative and understanding of the cultures I come into contact with. Travelling is a privilege and I am very lucky to have a lifestyle that offers it. I will try to embrace this truth as I embark on this blogging adventure.

Megan with a stick sitting on a stone wall