Meet the Blogger: Travel Curator Megan Moulos

sitting on a rock ledge over the Grand Canyon

Welcome to The Curated Passport!

Megan standing in a black dress

I’m Megan Moulos: blogger, artist, and trained historian and archaeologist. I’m an American travel blogger focusing on the art, culture, and history of places around the world. I began travelling with a study abroad trip to Europe in 2006, and I was immediately hooked.


In the intervening years, I began travelling a little more as money and time allowed. I graduated with a dual BA in History and Art History in 2007, and then with a third BA in Archaeology in 2013. I completed grad school with an MA in Classical Archaeology in 2015.

Sitting on a low rock wall with a walking stick

My passions for travel, art, and history meet here.

I created The Curated Passport to combine my passions for travel, art, and history. With this blog I hope to share the way I see travel and the knowledge that can be gained from it. I try to make sure that my travel is as sustainable and ethical as possible. Museums and cultural sites are my favorite part of travelling anywhere, and I cannot wait to see the artwork, textiles, architecture, and history of each locale. 

I often travel solo, but sometimes my incredible partner of five years joins me. I have two wonderful dogs that are like children to me.

Holding my hand out to a white Icelandic horse
Meeting a delightful local in Iceland.

I know what you’re thinking: 2020 seems like the worst possible time to start a travel blog. In my defense, perhaps it was the giant lull in travel that spurred me to ponder all of the things I love about it. This blog is not about ALL travel, and doesn’t cover all traveling styles or interests. The Curated Passport is just that, curated. I will focus on the things I love most: art, history, and the humanities. Luckily these are also the things I spent so much time and money on earning degrees. 

sitting on the porch of a tiny house

So what can you expect from The Curated Passport?

  • Travel content aimed at “cultural travel” – focusing on art, history, archaeology, museums, and cultural sites.
  • Things to see and do in cities and countries, where to eat, what to pack, what to see, and the people you might meet. 
  • General travel tips and tricks including packing lists, flight hacking, and how to choose the best neck pillow (very important).
  • Geographically relevant “lessons” in art, history, and culture. 
  • I love meeting people and hearing their stories. Drop me a note or a question any time at [email protected]
  • Coming soon: Personalized itineraries for a fee. Let me do the planning! 
wearing a blue poncho in front of a waterfall

Some expectation management:

  • I’m not an influencer by any means. Although it sounds lovely, I think I missed the trend by a generation. I don’t post as many beautiful selfies as some travel bloggers. I try to focus on the locations and what they offer. (Although if I were a model this would be a totally different blog). 
  • I do not have an unlimited supply of cash, so I cannot be on the road 365 days a year.
Megan and Giuliano sitting in front of the Grand Canyon

Finally, I think it is important to note that as a white American, I realize that my view of other cultures, ethnicities, and lifestyles is seen through a very particular lens. I aim to be appreciative and understanding of the cultures I come into contact with. Travelling is a privilege and I am very lucky to have a lifestyle that offers it. I will try to embrace this truth as I embark on this blogging adventure. 

Thank you for joining me on this new venture, and I hope you come back to see what’s new soon!

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